Korean War And Modern Warfare

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War was once fought with rocks, and other debris. This progressed to swords, axes, bows and arrows… Then we had guns. The revolution of weaponry far beyond the expectations of what anyone expected. Finally, war is now fought with robots, drones, and the human body is no longer required, but only the mind. The physical challenge that a soldier has to undergo nowadays is incomparable to the endless demands during the First and Second World War. Modern Warfare is the new War metaphorically and literally, and seems to be a fashion that will persist. Then again did all these transitions in the mode of warfare have any positive outcome? The lingering conflicts on both that scale as well as on a domestic one, are still prevalent then and now. So what can subsequently terminate all of the above? This develops into further questions as to whether the use or even the threat of force pose as the most effective means of resolving global, let alone national violence or are there other ‘peaceful’ alternatives?…show more content…
The concepts and methods have assumed more complex forms of the 19th- and early-20th-century antecedents, largely due to the widespread use of highly advanced information technology, and combatants must modernize constantly to preserve their battle worthiness. War in modern times has been the inclusion of civilians and civilian infrastructure as targets in destroying the enemy's ability to engage in war. With the invention of nuclear weapons, the concept of full-scale war carries the prospect of global annihilation, and as such conflicts since World War II have by definition been "low intensity"
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