Korean War On North Korea

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Korean war affected almost millions of people in Korea. Other people’s inhumane actions due to their greed and manipulating their power caused unjustified deaths. Those deaths odes not worth any a penny they gained after the war. A person’s life cannot be paid with money. Those people are willing to kill because of land and resources. The Korean War not only affected both South and North Korea but it also affected many countries all over the world, especially, America. Since America played a big role in Korean War because they are supporting South Korea from the invasion of USSR with North Korea. america is affected economically, agriculturally and some government policies are changed after the war. The changes America changed after the war still left a footprint on America today. The policies affects America’s relationship with South and North Korea. In order to understand the true significance of the Korean War played in American history, one must explore the cause that leads up to the Korean War and what is the war about , the effect of Korean War in 1950s, and how it affects America today. In order to understand the true significance of Korean War , one must learn the cause of the incident and the events happened during the war. North Korean forces attacked South Korea on June 25, 1950 (“The Korean War” 1). North Korea attacked Seoul on January 4, 1951 (“Korean War” 3). Korean War caused a total of 54,000 American and millions of Chinese and Korean death (“Korean War”
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