Korean War On The Cold War

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On June 25 1950, the North side invaded the South side for the purpose of unification of the whole country. The North had an advantage over the South in terms of military strength due to the powerful support from the Soviets and the People 's Republic of China. In contrast, the South side countervailed by taking the part in the war with United Nations Forces which was composed the United States, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Turkey, Ethiopia, Thai, Philippine, Columbia, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Luxembourg and South Korea. Afterward, the Chinese People 's Volunteer Army entered the war and the Soviets supported the north side in terms of weapon supply or military training. Korean War is regarded as a war by proxy between powers in the Western Bloc and powers in the Eastern Bloc. This war was the first hot war on the cold war era. The causality of this war was tremendous; South Korea lost 217,000 servicepersons and 1,000,000 civilians. North Korean lost 406,000 military men and 600,000 civilians. China lost 600,000 military and the United States lost 36,516. (Seth 2010) As the total population of Korean peninsula was about thirty million, indeed one of six people was sacrificed in this war.

3. Countries concerned
In this conflict, there are five involved countries; South Korea, North Korea, the United State, the Soviets, and China. And United Nation is also concerned party. (Referring to the Figure 1)

Figure1 main actors
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