Koreas Aging Society

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The Aging Society: How Can We Stop It?

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Korea University (International Summer Campus)
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August, 2011

What is the most critical problem that the Korean society faces today? Certainly, there are issues such as the North-South relationship, the nuclear leak in Japan, and the overabundant rainfall. However, one of the most widely discussed topics in the modern Korean society is the decreasing birth rate and the increasing percentage of the older age groups. This phenomenon of the older age groups taking a bigger portion of the overall population is called the “aging society.” This occurrence has become one of the
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This solution may sound a bit cruel to the elders. For those people who were desperately waiting for retirement, either due to physically incapability or desire to rest, the extra years added onto retirement age may sound like a torture. It may even cause people of young age groups to immigrate to different parts of the world to avoid the extensive working years in their country. Also, elders are less efficient in producing goods or providing services because of the natural health deterioration. Therefore, even if the citizens accepted the decision of increasing the retirement age, the elders may not be able to produce an expected amount of gross domestic product. However, the decrease in the number of retired people itself helps with government revenue. Although the elders may not be able to produce a sufficient amount of product to support the even older group of people, the exclusion of the “moderately old” people from government pension and other government expenditures helps sustain a healthy cycle in government revue. However, in order to successfully execute this plan, the Korean government would need a very strong leader that is able to convince its citizens to trust the government’s decision because the increase in retirement age may enrage the general public. All in all, this simple solution can be an option to consider. Another solution that may be used to solve this problem is increasing the
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