Kosher Diet Essay

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Those who are Jewish believe that God appointed Jews to be His chosen people, therefore, they have an obligation to live lives that are holy and exemplary to the rest of the world. Judaism is also a faith that is rooted in both family and community. Many Jewish customs revolve around the home such as the preparing and sharing of a kosher meal on the Sabbath when families eat together is that human beings play a distinctive role. Because they believe theirs is a covenant relationship with God, Jews believe in living out their faith and in exchange for performing good deeds, God will continue to bless and protect those of the Jewish faith. As a result, Judaism is viewed not only as a religion but also a distinct culture that embraces other Jews from all walks of life and from all over the world.
Unlike some religions, Judaism is a faith of action rather than one of knowledge. A Jew’s responsibility is to live out one’s faith day- to -day rather than be well- versed in religious scriptures, so their choice in lifestyle lends itself to being part of a community of like-minded believers who follow
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Practicing a kosher diet refers to preparing and consuming food as instructed in the religious laws. However, kosher is not a manner of cooking, therefore, there is no such thing as kosher food because almost any kind of food can be considered kosher if it is prepared properly. Keeping a kosher diet involves cooking meat with no blood, eating no pork or shellfish, and not mixing or eating meat and dairy products together. In addition, utensils that have had contact with meat or dairy may not be mixed nor can implements that have had contact with non-kosher food.This is a very important aspect of the Jewish faith because while the Torah does not explain why the laws surrounding food are so stringent, adhering to the laws reflect a Jew’s obedience to God, even when no reason is
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