Kosovo: Conflicts Between Serbians And Ethnic Albanians Essay example

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Kosovo: Conflicts Between Serbians and Ethnic Albanians

I. Introduction
A. Thesis- The conflict between the Serbs and Albanians shows us the amount of intolerance with religious, political, and racial conflicts throughout the history of the relationship between the Serbs and

II. History of Kosovo
A. Battles
1. 1913 Albanian rebellion against Serbian officials.
2. The cause was the rape of an Albanian women.
B. Kosovo’s extra problems

III. Religious conflicts
A. Albania religion
1. Islamic belief
2. The Koran criticised Jews and Christians
B. Serb religion
1. Serbian Orthodox
2. A division in the Christian belief.

IV. Political Conflict
A. Fascism
B. Democracy
1. Milosevic’s wife a well-known communist.
2. Democracy had
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During the end of the war in Kosovo in October 1912, Edith Durham, a news reporter that was in Montenegro at the time asked a wounded soldier why she can’t go up to one of their posts in Albania. The soldier would reply “We have not left a nose on an Albanian up there!” She would later find out when she had a chance of visiting a northern Albanian outpost, where she saw Ottoman
Pham Pantoja 2

soldier’s noses and lips cut off. A Danish reporter managed to get some news out of Kosovo where it is reported that 5,000 Albanians had been killed in
Prishtina. The reporter would later wrote the Serbian campaign had taken on the character of a horrific massacring of the Albanian population (Malcolm, 254).
During the reimposition of Serbian rule, the Serbian soldiers entered Kosovo in
October 1918 planning on revenge for the hostile attitude of the Albanians at the time of Serbia’s withdrawal from Kosovo in 1915. Albanians resisted against
Serb’s onslaught. Even though Montenegrins helped the Albanians, 200 were killed at the beginning and would later escalate. Serbian troops killed 6,040 people and destroyed 3,873 houses (Malcolm, 273). Serbs have tried to counteract their images as the good guys and the Albanians as the bad guys by using Serbian media by accusing Albanian men raping Serbian women. A
Serbian Orthodox name Atanasije Jevtic wrote in his book that Albanians rape anything they can get their hands on.

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