Kosovo Humans

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Telling the Story of Kosovo Humans Elaine Monaghan traveled to Kosovo in 1999 for six weeks to report on the Kosovo war. She was prompted to go there after she saw a specific image of thousands of Kosovo citizens confused, lost and scared. She realized that these were human beings whose stories needed to be told. Elaine faced a tough journey throughout her six weeks covering a major conflict. The journey consisted of making ethical decisions everyday to tell the story of the Kosovo humans. International reporting tends to be more dramatic especially in a warzone. Elaine said, “Everywhere you choose to look is an ethical decision.” Every human she came across had an intense story to tell. There are many ethical decisions to make when reporting in a warzone. Elaine stressed the fact that the most important thing to remember is that you are a human being first. She said, “When you are a reporter in a tough situation, never be a jerk. Show respect.” She executed the idea of being a human first during the mass funeral. Thousands of extremely distraught Albanian…show more content…
It is important to tell the facts with details yet never lose their humanity and this dramatic story did just that. The story was only focused on the 17-year-old’s life but still tells a bigger picture of how major the conflict is. She discusses how easy it is for her to kill people, how her family has died, what she wants for her future, and even her celebrity crushes. These details remind the reader how she is still human. The controversial article remains ethical because it passes the test of the ethical news values of accuracy, tenacity and equity. Monaghan exhibits accuracy since she uses the correct facts in context. She knows that the story is important enough for additional information through tenacity and seeks justice for the 17-year-old in this major issue with the value of
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