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KOT 1 Task 1 Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership October 5th, 2012 Leadership Strategies Two strategies that enable a nurse on an interdisciplinary team to exert leadership without occupying a formal leadership position are to be a role model and to be an advocate/problem solver. The nurse can be a role model for the interdisciplinary team by showing respect for other team members, having effective communication skills and to accept others input in a fair and unbiased fashion. Often there can be tension among team members and a nurse can lead the team away from negative comments by redirecting the conversation to stay on task at hand. The nurse can explain that every person of the interdisciplinary team…show more content…
Team members need to know that problems encountered can also be used as a teaching tool and their input is , damages for mistakes that have been made. Everyone makes mistake and staff need to feel that they won’t be punished, but if they are held accountable that the discipline be done quickly so they are not walking around with a feeling of impending doom. All staff at some point will have corrective action, but it needs to be fair and a teaching plan must be done. References: Cherry, B. & Jacob, S. (2011). Contemporary Nursing: Issues, Trends, and Management 5th Edition. St. Louis, MS. Mosby Inc. Institute for Healthcare Improvement. (2011). A Culture of Safety. Retrieved from

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