Kotek's Journey To The Belzec Concentration Camp

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Kotek is in the room, he slowly walked away from the guard, but the guard turned around and saw his shadow. "Überprüfen Sie das Zimmer!" The guard yelled to other guards, who were already descending down the stairs to aid their buddy, but Kotek was too fast. Before the guard knew it, Kotek had already hit the guard over the head with a rock, rendering him unconscious. Him being in that room was just a ploy, and they fell for it. With the Nazi guards checking the remainder of the rooms where he had just been, he had more than enough time to sneak out the five Jews that were being transported to the Belzec concentration camp. Kotek being young and having a smaller frame made it easier to sneak in and out of the Nazi’s make-shift holdouts …show more content…

He knew what that meant it was time to run. He dropped his roasted meat and vegetables threaded alternately on a stick and started to run as fast as he could, his brown hair flowing behind him as he took off. Frantic shouting started to get louder and louder as the potentially Nazi soldiers started to gain on him. It took every bit of strength in his frail body to get the last bit of speed to outrun the soldiers. Since there was only one of him against the 20 to 30 of them, he could turn the corners and escape easier and faster than they could check the other areas that they might have thought he went into. A couple tense, fright-filled hours later, the sun has sunk below the horizon and cast everything into night and shadow; Kotek made his escape. The only reason he was able to escape as easily as he did was the stupidity of the guards stationed in the area he was using to escape. It was clear that the soldiers there were not the Third Reich's finest soldiers. A simple jumping over a fence past the guards who were too busy trying to light a cigarette in the …show more content…

Now though, he is back in a heavily Nazi populated village near Belzec, although this is the last place he wanted to be, he knew what he had to do, to go in and try to free as many captured Jews from the village before the remainder of them were transferred into the concentration camp. Quietly, he snuck down the hill into the outskirts of the village, he could see the cars full of jews, for every soldier there were about 3 of the trapped, innocent

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