Kotler and Armstrong: Marketing Plan for Grill Kabob Restaurant Product

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Marketing Plan Positioning Position involves, designing the product(s) offered by a company to have an elaborate placement in the mind of the target market (Kotler & Armstrong, 2009). To introduce Grill Kobob restaurant product, the approaches Kotler and Armstrong describe as positioning strategy will be put into consideration. These are product, character or customer benefit, quality and price, product use or application, product user, class of product, culture symbol and competitors'. The idea of the Middle Eastern grill will come alive with branding the premise at Fox Valley mall in a distinctive Middle Eastern design. This will be complemented through the branding, by using employees Middle Eastern dress code, flyers and advertisement depicting a Middle Eastern culture and style, and products reflecting the Middle Eastern style. The premises position at the Fox Valley mall offers a ready market the target business. The target business will have an opportunity to serve the busy business operators and owners in the premises as well as the high traffic visitors coming to the mall as customers. Grill Kobob restaurant products signify the need in the market for a healthy solution to the potential customer who have no opportunity to prepare their own meal. Considering that the market in abuzz with a number of fast food restaurant the guarantee Grill Kobob offers to the customer is a whole range of healthy foods. The range of health food will be complemented by the

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