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Why you must buy Kosher Handsets for your kid
Digital environment is ruining the present and future of our kids. They access internet to browse unwanted material and pornography from a very early age. As they do not have proper sensibilities, it is important that parents buy Kosher handsets for them.
Kosher handsets are normal GSM style phone with minimum features restricted keeping their targeted age group. They are also cost effective and affordable phones with limited internet or other options barred keeping the targeted age group in mind.
Which phones you can buy for your kids
There are unanimous 2 choices in this low budget price segment:
Buy Nokia 1200 Mobile Online
Nokia 1200 is one of the best Kosher phone suited for all age group.
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He or she can use calculator and other options to learn being organized from an early age.
You can set custom motivational wallpapers with image and wordings from great leaders to elevate their mental thinking from an early age. The phone features a 7 hour talk time and 16.5 days of standby time.
Buy Nokia 301 tag SIM Free Mobile Phone Online
Nokia 301 is one of the most widely used SIM free Mobile phone and provide option for parents to buy SIM and contract as per their requirement to monitor their kids activity. Launched with emergency situations in mind. It has got impressive battery life and nice camera functions.
The design looks minimalistic and corners are rounded. The retro look phone is equipped with 2 SIM slots. You must plug the SIM in second SIM slot because it boosts of 2G connectivity. With an internet free plan, your child will not be able to access internet. With HD voice support, call quality is excellent.
Where you can buy them
You can buy and shop these 2 Nokia Mobile Phones from an online mobile store selling only kosher phones. This will ensure you get affordable phones for your kids at industry beating prices. They will provide professional customer service to ensure you buy the best phones to keep your children safe and maintain your budget

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