Kotter's Model For Change Management

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Kotter’s Model for Change Management
The National Learning Consortium suggests using Kotter’s Change Management Model as a foundation for Change Management in EHR Implementation. In the stages of the model, some key milestones were missed during the first two attempts at implementation at Luke’s House Clinic with Phase 1, such as lack of distinct urgency, poor buy-in , no guiding coalition, incomplete vision, and mixed goals. To implement Practice Fusion effectively in the future, the Kotter Model might be more effective.

In any institution or facility, the method and approach in which changes are implemented plays a huge role in how the changes take hold and have a lasting effect within the organization. This is more specifically known as change management. With the use of a structured and organized approach to keep momentum to achieving the outlined goal. John P. Kotter developed a model for change management which is still used today. Kotter outlines eight key steps which that help guide a process change from its inception, its completion, and its lasting effect. They are summarized as follows:
1. Establishing a sense of urgency
2. Forming a powerful guiding coalition
3. Creating a vision
4. Communicating the vision
5. Empowering others to act on the vision
6. Planning for and creating short-term wins
7. Consolidating and producing still more change
8. Institutionalizing new approaches With the use of this model, Kotter the best…
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