Kpmg Accounting for Lease Extension

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Technical Case Studies SOLUTIONS Case: Accounting for Lease Extension (Revised and updated 5/2013) Jack leases an office building from Jill. The lease is classified as an operating lease under the guidance of ASC Topic 840, Leases. The lease does not include any renewal options upon the expiration, but Jack is in the process of negotiating an extension of the lease. Jack proposes to make a single up-front payment of $1.2 million to Jill in exchange for an extension of the lease at the current rate for another 10 years. The extension would create a new lease under ASC par. 9 of 840-10-35-4. 1. 2. Should Jack include the $1.2 million in the calculation of the minimum lease payments when classifying the new lease? Assuming the new lease…show more content…
A2: Jack should recognize the $1.2 million as rental expense along with all the other lease payments ratably over the 10 years (lease term of the new agreement). It should initially be accounted for as prepaid lease payments and then be recognized as lease expense over the next 10 years as par. 840-10-35-4 states, “If at any time the lessee and lessor agree to change the provisions of the lease, other than by renewing the lease or extending its term, in a manner that would have resulted in a different classification of the lease under the lease classification criteria in paragraphs 840-10-25-1 and 840-10-25-42 had the changed terms been in effect at lease classification inception, the revised agreement shall be considered as a new agreement over its term, and the criteria in paragraphs 840-1025-1 and 840-10-25-42 shall be applied for purposes of classifying the new lease. Likewise, except when a guarantee or penalty is rendered inoperative as described in paragraphs 840-30-35-8 and 840-30-35-23, any action that extends the lease beyond the expiration of the existing lease term, such as the exercise of a lease renewal option other than those already included in the lease term, shall be considered as a new agreement, which shall be classified according to the guidance in section 840-10-25. Changes in estimates (for example, changes in estimates of the economic life or of

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