Kpop Versus American Pop

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American Pop Music VS Korean Pop Music

“I don’t care much about music. What I like is sounds”
- Dizzy Gillespie

Imagine tickets being sold out in only a matter of 10 minutes across the globe in major cities like L.A., N.Y, Paris, Tokyo, and Seoul. But just who could be selling out concerts like this? Is it Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift? Actually try none, of them, the artist who are selling out these concerts in major countries around the globe are actually part of a growing phenomenon called Kpop which is short for Korean pop. Now I know what your thinking there’s no way this could be true, oh but it is. Take for example South Korean rapper PSY, recently released a music video for his song called
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What you don’t know any of them well then it’s clearly obvious you don’t live in South Korea and aren’t trying to enter the Korean pop music industry. Why is that you ask, simple those three companies stated above are what’s called the Big 3. See in South Korea to become a Kpop star the only way to become one is audition and try and get into a entertainment company such as the ones mentioned above. And, when I say this is the only the only I literally mean this is the only way. There is not a singer, boy group, girl group or band that did not have to audition to get into some type of entertainment company to become a Kpop singer But there is a reason for this, cause in Korea once one has auditioned and have been accepted into one of these companies they must be trained in singing, dancing, music composition, and acting. They also have to take lessons in English, Japanese, and Mandarin. Or, if your one of the non- Korean natives in a group you must take Korean lessons. And usually the trainees have to be trained for a minimum of 2-3yrs. And, after all of that you are finally placed into a group of at least 6-7 other trainees and then you debut as either a boy or girl group and each member has their own special role within the group. Law 4 The forming of boy groups and girl groups in Kpop is a big marketing and promoting strategy and is complete different from how singers in the American pop music scene or marketed and promoted. With
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