Kramer vs. Kramer

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Any parents thinking of divorce should be court-ordered to watch "Kramer vs. Kramer." If there is even a slight chance of compromise after seeing it, they will stay together rather than inflict their separation upon their children. Everyone should see Kramer vs. Kramer, including parents and children of broken families. I first viewed the movie only a short time ago and I was blown away at how pertinent it still is to today’s culture. This is an account of a man who falls in love with his son, more than a film about divorce. He begins to understand that their relationship is the only thing that holds any value in his life. By delighting in being a father, he becomes more than just the breadwinner. Dustin Hoffman and Justin Henry…show more content…
As you might have thought, predictably, the judge grants custody to the mother. Ted does everything he can to have the decision overturned, but gives up when he learns that the only shot he has is Billy being brought to the stand. Once you have believed that all is lost, Joanna realizes that she can't steal her son from the only home he's ever known and from a father who's the most important person in his life. One might call Robert Benton’s direction mechanical, but his cast excels in roles that seem solely written for their personalities. Its supporting cast, including Jane Alexander and JoBeth Williams, provide superb performances. Primarily, I must pay tribute to Dustin Hoffman for his acting. We’re familiar with somewhat unconventional roles, as opposed to his excellently delivered role of a more characteristic man with very human qualities. As modern movie viewers, we’re often presented with unrealistic child characters. We’re used to small Einstein’s with witty comebacks and smart one-liners that are entertaining but very unrealistic of most kids. Because of this, we frequently experience irritating youths and develop pre-conceived notions about child actors. Kramer vs. Kramer destroys that reputation. Billy satisfies the adorable child need, but rarely becomes more than your typical six-year old. Justin Henry completely comprehends his character and turns in a thoroughly genuine
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