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The question of condition, or problem, mainly focuses on what is wrong with the world and your surroundings or with yourself. In the Krishna and Hinduism world view, the problem is the illusion, or Maya, that people tend to build about themselves and what surrounds them. Maya is when people see themselves as something separate instead of the common Hindu belief that all things are connected. Maya brings ignorance, attachment, and reincarnation into the lives of people. People start thinking that they are the most important thing around and do not think about the harm that they may bring to others and mainly their own souls. They start betraying and killing for simple desires instead of for ones own good. By being this
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The paths help to explain that for one to evolve they should worship more, "Men who worship me, thinking solely of me, always disciplined, win the reward I secure" (Gita 9:20 p.58) and be following and doing your duties, "Look to your own duty do not tremble before it" (Gita 2:31 p.57). These two ways of fixing the problem are explained by Krishna to Arjuna in the Bhagavad-Gita. Arjuna is set to fight in a battle but in the last minute he twirls around the idea of retreating because of the fear of dying and killing. He believes that the act of killing will be bad in karma. Krishna is outraged with this non-sense and makes it his duty to open Arjuna's eyes to see and realize that he has a duty and that it is to be a warrior and fight. Krishna argues that by not fulfilling his duty in reality will be what brings him the bad karma that he so truly fears. In the end, Arjuna can not back down into his fears because that would be like turning your back on the God. A Hindu must follow their duties, beliefs, and many rituals in order to reach their inner peace, to receive good karma and possibly a better ranking in the caste system and stages of life.

What is wrong and what is right? What is the ethical system? For Hindu's, morality comes in following the responsibilities of their caste system which include (in
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