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KRISPY KREME Marketing Problem/Executive Summary This presentation will analyze the current market situation, identify possible opportunities and threats and recommend strategic actions for Krispy Kreme Australia. Methods of analysis include SWOT analysis, product life cycle curve, porters five forces and environmental, competitor and consumer analysis. For these we have used information from text books, websites and online news websites. From our analysis we have found Krispy Kreme Australia to be in a late maturity/ declining stage of product life cycle with the company going into Voluntary administration in 2010 due to declining sales and profits. We have concluded that these declining sales and profits are effects of Krispy…show more content…
This was their main focus, especially in the new markets where people might not understand that when the light is on, it’s actually signalling something and not just a decoration. Not only this but they also focused on sampling, whereby many giveaways were done through their stores where customers could ‘try before they buy’ which proved a success. Product Portfolio Krispy Kreme’s product portfolio consists of a range of doughnuts including the original glazed doughnuts to chocolate doughnuts to filled doughnuts to cinnamon doughnuts. They also have a range of cold and hot drinks with milkshakes, hot chocolate and coffee to name a few. Not only this but they have also expanded into ice cream and baked goods, with 9 flavours of ice cream varying from vanilla to choc honey nougat, and baked goods consisting of pastries like croissants, gourmet rolls, and egg and bacon rolls. Marketing Mix Product Krispy Kreme’s marketing mix focuses on their product more than any of the other 4P’s. Australia was the first country outside of America to produce the iconic Original Glazed doughnuts. All Krispy Kreme doughnuts are made fresh daily at the factories in each state. When making the doughnuts in these stores, the “Hot Now” neon light is lit up so customers know that they will get fresh doughnuts that have just been made. Krispy Kreme also offer a range of quality treats including 15 signature doughnut varieties,

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