Krissh Case

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Q-1: How has indian film industry evolved through ages? A : Indian Cinema has completed 100 years of its inception in this very year. In the last 100years, the cinema has evolved genre wise and also technologically from black and white and silent to coloured and with special sound effect. When we talk about Indian film industries, the current scenario is very different from past due to change in technology. Today Indian film industries playing an important role in Indian economy. We can divided Indian film industries into four major parts according to ages. 1. 1920-1950 (The early days of Indian cinema) 2. 1950-1960 (A golden age of Indian cinema) 3. 1970-1980 (The angry young man awakens) 4. 1990-2000 (Bollywood gains global…show more content…
Q-2: How did project (krrish) created taking into consideration Indian diaspora abroad? A : Following are the factors which are taking into consideration for Krrish to move abroad. * The movie followed by a simple strategy that is world as one market. * More than the 30 million people are NRI in 156 different countries and mainly in Europe and America which use to watch movie because of having Indian origin. * Overseas income is already contributing more to the $2.3 billion Indian movie industry, with foreign box office revenues jumping from 5.3% of total revenue in 2005 to 9.8% in 2009. * Worldwide success of DDLJ in global market showed a new path & dimension to Indian Film Industry. Q-3:- How did Mr. Rakesh Roshan used two countries competitiveness for the project(India and Singapore). A : Following are the factors which are taking into consideration by Mr. Rakesh Roshan for the project: * Among the ASEAN states Singapore is India’s largest trading, investment, and export partner. * Singapore corporate tax rate is one of the lowest in Asia-pacific. * Singapore is less expensive when compared to other countries. * Singapore government is ready to give the full permission and support regarding the shooting of a movie. * Singapore infrastructure is very good compared to India. * India is rich in natural heritage such as Himalayas and also for given Indian touch to movie it is shooted
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