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The overview of the process:


If we make a table, we can see that the minimum time to fill a rush order is 26 minutes.

Order Entry E-mail 0 minutes 00:00 00:00
Wash Bowl, Mix Self 6 minutes 00:00 00:06
Fill Tray Self 2 minutes 00:06 00:08
Start Oven Roommate 1 minute 00:08 00:09
Baking Oven 9 minutes 00:09 00:18
Remove Roommate 0 minutes 00:18 00:18
Cool None 5 minutes 00:18 00:23
Pack & Collect Money Roommate 3 minutes 00:23 00:26


It doesn't take twice as long to produce two batches as it does to produce one batch, because we can start mixing the second batch without having to wait for the whole first-batch process to be completed
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It takes us 26 minutes to fill a one-dozen cookie order and 36 minutes to fill a two-dozen cookie order.


Before answering that question, we must calculate maximum capacitiy of production. It seems that the highest volume can be three dozen orders which are produced continuously by me and my roommate.

When we think about process, food processor (mixer) can be used at the beginning and it's idle for long period because we have only one oven. And we can't use more than one tray at same time. So, our big contradiction is the oven. We can say that, there is no need to buy another food processor for increasing the productivity.

In the production process, we use a tray in the 3 activities : filling, baking and cooling. Only in the filling stage, we can use multiple trays at the same time. We can use only one tray in the oven and in the coolling stage. So we could have five trays, or even three, if we adjust the mixing and filling processes.

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