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Question 1 Rush order takes the least possible time for preparing the dozen of cookies. The following is a detailed summary of time used to prepare the rush order: Activity Time Wash the bowl, add and mix ingredients 6 minutes Dish up the tray (1 dozen) 2 minutes Put the cookies in the oven, start timer 1 minute Bake the cookies 9 minutes Remove the tray from the oven* 0 minute Let the cookies cool 5 minutes Pack the cookies 2 minutes Accept payment 1 minute Total time: 26 minutes *- further the removing step will be ignored because it does not take any additional time It will take 26 minutes to fill the rush order. Question 2 Activity Output Wash the bowl, add and mix ingredients 4 hours*60 minutes/6 minutes=40…show more content…
As soon as the Baking 1 is finished we have an empty try that can be dished up for the succeeding baking. If we have one extra tray there will be no use of it. Question 6 From this chart we can see that if we had an additional oven we could have filled a two dozen order in 28 minutes which is 8 minutes less than having 1 oven. Valuable time (For two dozens of cookies, 2 ovens) Activity Kristen per dozen Roommate per dozen Wash the bowl, add and mix ingredients 6 minutes X Dish up the tray (1 dozen) 4 minutes X Put the cookies in the oven, start timer X 2 minute Bake the cookies X X Let the cookies cool X X Pack the cookies X 4 minutes Accept payment X 1 minute Total: 10 minutes 7 minutes It will be more profitable to have a second oven because it does not add any working time but decreases the time needed to prepare 2 or more dozens of cookies. If Kristen and her roommate had second oven they could have doubles number of orders per day. The difference is a cost they are willing to pay for the rent of second

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