Kroger: A Summary

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One day Aaron decides that he is sick of working at Kroger, and he decides to become a drug dealer. Specifically, a dealer that sells various qualities of Marijuana to the pot smokers in his community. He starts to save up his paychecks from Kroger to start his “business” , after saving approximately one-thousand dollars, he quit his job to pursue his desires. He asks his good buddy, Andrew to help him with drug dealer/selling and his buddy agrees, most-likely because they both are pot-smokers. After buying the required products like weight scales, baggies, drug cell phone, etc.. and the marijuana itself, they begin to sell and distribute their products. After flipping their first shipment of goods, Aaron realizes that he has made more money in a week then he made 3 months at…show more content…
The first day, he goes out to sell as much as he can. Half way through the day, he meets two potential buyers that seem a little suspicious. Eager to sell the product, Austin continues to sell to the two buyers and soon found out that the suspicious two potential buyers were uncovered cops and gets arrested from drug dealing. After being arrested and brought back to the police station, Austin is interrogated by detectives, trying to figure out who is behind the massive Marijuana trade going on in the area. After hours of stressful interrogation, Austin finally spills and tells the detectives who his boss is. Meanwhile, Arron has not heard from Austin, and begins to get nervous that he got busted, or even worst, ratted out Aaron to the law. Aaron decides to play it safe and stay at his mother's house for the night. When arriving , his mother is suspicious at why his sons is randomly wanting to stay at her home. After asking several questions, Aaron tells his mother of his selling business. As his mother is in shock, she decides that she will continue to hide his son, as she doesn’t want to see him go to
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