Kroger Collision Report

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The driver of vehicle 1 pulled out of the Kroger parking in front of vehicle 2 and had a collision with vehicle 2. The driver of vehicle 2 was traveling north on N. State Rd. in the inside lane at the time of the collision. Vehicle 1 had damage to the front driver’s side wheel and fender area. The damage to vehicle 2 was to the front end area. Vehicle 1 was towed by Montague towing to Patriot Collison. Vehicle 2 was able to be driven.
The driver of vehicle 1 stated that he was having neck and chest pain after the collision. I asked driver 1 several times if he want an ambulance, he refused each time I offered. Driver 1 stated that his granddaughter was on her way to transport him and his wife to the hospital. The front passenger stated that
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