Kroger Performance Management

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Kroger is the largest grocery chain in the world. Kroger is known for their friendly associates, their fast checkout and their fresh product. In order to keep their great image, new process and improved process have to be implemented. As a member of management for the Kroger Company, there a few performance gaps that needs to be bridged. “It has been recognised that the competitive advantage of a company is important, and so is the way of managing it. Related to this are the issues of company performance (the ultimate measure), organizational effectiveness (an internal interim measure), and the processes/enablers for delivering these - a key consideration for the latter is how teams are managed (such as team strategy), which is a core focus of the present journal - Team Performance Management.” (Chau Sum, 2008) As a competitive company, we are currently experiencing…show more content…
The stores should evaluate each tech that comes out to complete a service call. Some of the attributes that should be monitored is how timely did facility react, what was the communication like from the tech, and was the maintenance issue resolved. “Each of the contributions has referred to an organizational phenomenon of importance these may be regarded in a broad sense as strategic performance management systems, as they in one way or another help to focus organization effort on theachievement of the company's performance or strategy.” ( Chau Sum, 2008) These performance evaluations should be conducted and sent to the facility supervisor after the store has been service. This will help with the accountability peace of knowing who needs to be coached or disciplined. This will also help resolve the store issues such product being available for the customer. Kroger is a for profit company. If product is not available for the customer to purchase, then company does not make any money which in turn means nobody gets
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