Kroger Vs. Publix Swot Analysis

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Kroger vs. Publix Analysis
General Overview: Kroger and Publix Supermarkets are both dominating competitors in the grocery store market. Providing customers with low prices, unbeatable deals and a unique quality of products is what both companies strive for. The purpose of this report is to present our analysis of two competing companies within the same industry. Through research we have explored, analyzed and applied our learnings of information systems through comparing the websites, social media usage of each company, marketability and competitive advantages of Kroger and Publix Supermarkets. In this report we will present our findings of the objectives above and further compare and contrast the two companies.
Kroger Supermarkets were started in 1883 by Barney Kroger in downtown Cincinnati. Mr. Kroger started his business with the motto: “Be particular. Never sell anything you would not want yourself.” Through the years Kroger has strived to uphold this motto to its customers and to provide great service, the freshest products and expansion to meet the needs of their customer base making it one of the world’s largest retailers. Kroger now has over 2,600 stores in 34 states with $108.5 billion in annual sales. Kroger operates 37 food processing facilities and Kroger was the first grocery retailer to use the electronic scanner.
Publix Supermarkets came into the supermarket industry in September of 1930 in Winter Haven, Florida. Founded by George Jenkins who referred to the

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