Kroger's Csr Efforts Environmental Efforts

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Kroger’s CSR efforts regarding environmental efforts are more robust than employee stakeholder support. Even with this, Kroger is considered a laggard with environmental CSR standards when compared to Walmart and Target (van der Ven, 2014). A main reason for this could be due to Kroger’s relatively light involvement with CSR focused organizations. Their leadership may simply not be exposed to CSR ideas as much as their peers (van der Ven, 2014). Expanding CSR knowledge, and leadership widening their network on CSR possibilities will give Kroger’s leaders access to industry leaders best practice knowledge. Kroger’s key strengths are strong ties to the communities they serve, diversity within and across the supply chain, and fostering innovation with food waste uses that both help their community as well as reduce overall carbon footprint. By involving their supply chain with food waste, Kroger expands its sphere of influence to ensure all biomaterial is reused, either to feed the hungry, livestock, or to reduce carbon footprint. Kroger’s engagement with small businesses also fosters a climate of innovation, along the full supply chain. Collaborating across the community and the supply chain bolsters Kroger’s ability to positively meet their zero waste goals while enlarging opportunities for small businesses, specifically minority and women owned business, via innovation in the supply chain. Kroger’s leadership in this are provides opportunities for all businesses in…
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