Kronus The Greek God

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Once there was a time when the Universe was ruled by Kronos. Kronos ruled over heaven and earth and was so strong no one dared to oppose him. Immediately after Lazarus was born, he was eaten by Cronus. This is because of the prophecy that said if Kronos had a son, he would be stronger than he was. So every time he had a child with his Titanness-wife Rhea. Rhea mourned day and night because of her children’s deaths. But one day the mother earth whispered to Rhea that she’d help the he sixth child would be saved from Kronos.

One day when Rhea had gave birth to one of her children she gave Kronos a Rock wrapped in blue cloth and said it was the baby Kronos ate the rock without knowing that it had been fake. Zeus grew up being a strong and
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After Zeus was crowned God of Olympus Zeus very demanding and greedy. So Lazarus made a plan to overthrow Zeus so he used the same plan Zeus did to their father Kronos. So he got most of the gods on his side all except Hera so all of the gods on his team were Poseidon, Demeter, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Ares, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Hermes, and Dionysus. But all though Lazarus had all of these gods on his side he knew he needed some sort of special weapon like how Poseidon has his trident or Artemis’s Bow. So Lazarus decided to make a trident with three snakes and whenever he hit someone with his trident the snakes would come alive into one viper. Once the fight begun all the gods attacked Zeus at the same time. Well, all except Lazarus. Lazarus thought it through and decided to stay back in case all the gods would be defeated. Lazarus made good decision since all of the gods were not careful and hit with lightning. Causing them to have the brains fried. Now it was Zeus vs. Lazarus. At the same exact moment Lazarus threw his trident into Zeus’s Abdomen while Zeus hit the trident with lightning causing the viper to be electrocuted while biting Zeus. Causing Zeus to be very weak. Sadly the viper did not survive. Or so Lazarus thought but when he killed Zeus temporarily he realized that his trident had became a spear this is because the three parts of the snake represented his
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