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“Krushers” – Marketing Strategic plan
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15 April, 2010
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Dr Melodena Stephens Balakrishnan
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business and Management,
University of Wollongong in Dubai

Table of Contents

1. Background 3

1.1. Introduction and Objective 3

1.2. Situational Analysis 3

1.3. Constraints and Assumption. 5

1.4. Product Need and Value. 7

2. Segmentation, Target & Positioning 8

2.1. Segmentation and Target 8

2.2. Positioning Map 9

3. Marketing Mix 10

3.1. Product strategy 10

3.2. Pricing strategy 10

3.3. Place strategy 11

3.4. Promotion strategy 12

4. Business Plan 12

4.1. Sales and Profits 12
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In addition to that, In terms of age groups, the UAE has a dominant young population, with the 25-29 years emerging as the largest group of about 777,000 at the end of 2008. It is projected by the Ministry to peak at 830,000 at the end of 2009.[4] This combination of high disposable income and young population makes the UAE a perfect market for KFC “Krushers” product which targets age group of 18-24. Technological: From a technological point of view, production of cold beverages relies heavily on the right equipment. KFC has state of the art production equipment. The company also utilizes advanced CRM solutions to gear its direct marketing efforts. Economic: “In the UAE over two-thirds of expats in the UAE stated that their attitudes to spending had changed as a result of the economic crisis, however over three-quarters of expats (82%) living in the UAE also said that they had not considered a move home.”[5] Having said that, the UAE remains one of the strongest economies in the region (third in the region after Saudi Arabia and Iran).[6] As mentioned earlier, the disposable income in the UAE is cooperatively high, which makes it an ideal market for KFC and the new product “Krushers”. Industry Analysis: Porter’s Five Forces Market Rivalry: “Krushers” is a product category that
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