Krystal Incident

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REPORTER: The reporter/ anonymous called with concerns for the victims, Quantavious, Caniyah, Rico, and Cadarius. According to the reporter, Krystal is using drugs (marijuana and powder) around the children, but it is unknown if Krystal is manufacturing the drugs. Krystal whoops the two younger children (Rico and Cadarius); Krystal slaps them in the face, and she takes her hand and hits them across their backs (no visible marks or bruises). The reporter said Krystal did this everyday when she was around (1 week ago). It is unknown if there are currently any visible marks or bruises on the children. Krystal is not feeding the children, but she receives food stamps and sells the entire card. The reporter said Gloria (grandmother) buys food for…show more content…
Krystal told Caniyah to slap the other lady’s daughter, and the other lady threatened to contact law enforcement. Law enforcement didn’t come out to the home because the other lady didn’t contact them, according to the reporter; the reporter believes the other lady and her daughter went into their home. The incident occurred on Sunday (07/17/2016). The reporter said Cadarius (2 year old) wears diapers, and Krystal doesn’t buy him any diapers. The reporter said Cadarius walks around with dirty diapers on (all the time/ no clothes on). The reporter said Krystal was begging people for money to purchase diapers. 1 month ago, Krystal stole some pampers from a Dollar General Store and they caught her and told her not to come back. Rico (4 year old) walks around with shorts on (no shirt or shoes), and he is always running around in the street and cursing. Krystal is usually outside with the child, but she doesn’t say anything. The reporter said Krystal has 6 children total, but she lost custody of 2 of the children; Krystal only has 4 of her children in her care. The reporter last saw the children 1 week ago and have not discussed the allegations with the alleged
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