Krystal's Sacrifice To Leave Their Home And Family

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General Information:
Krystal was very early for her interview. She was dressed professionally. She is a 16 year old young lady. She moved to the United States in 2007 from the Philippines. She has emerged herself into learning everything that she could about America. Education is critically for her because her family made a huge sacrifice to leave their home and family in order to give Sierra and a brother a better life. She will be retaking the ACT in April because she wants to get a 30 on her composite. She wants to be a pediatrician. She believes that her great organizational skills will serve her will in medical school and being a doctor. Her friends would describe her as hard working, high spirited and dedicated to whatever …show more content…

She found the profession to be interesting and it what she wants to do. She loves children and feel that she could make a difference.
She created the Typhoon Haiyan Relief Group to help support the families that lost everything in the Typhoon. She spent three months raising fund. She was able to help her grandparents build a small house. There was money left to provide school supplies to a local school.
She did a fund raiser to raise funds for her to get into a medical program, unfortunately she was not able to raise enough money. She in turn gave the money to her parents to help with the house hold bills.

Krystal defines diversity as all different people that make the bigger picture clear and allows for more opinions to be shared. As for diversity in the classroom, it is a way for people to get together and learn for each other.
She spoke of connection with the Native American Community. She was very proud that she was able to emerge herself in the culture. She was able to articulate that she has learned a lot about the Native American culture such as learning the meaning behind some of the dances and the importance of family as being one.

Letter of Recommendations
Her letters are very

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