Ku Davis Influence On Society

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During her time in Europe she has become interested in mass movements which opposed racism, classism, and colonialism. According to a 1988 interview with Kum-Kum Bhavani, it was in 1968 that she joined the Communist Party after being involved with other political organizations. When asked what led her to join the Communist Party she attributed it to the involvement her parents had within other political groups by saying, “Although my mother did not join the Communist Party, she did join the Southern Negro Youth Congress, in which the Communists played a central role, and was a national officer and leading activist in that organization. In that capacity she participated in the campaign to free the Scotsborough Nine.” But it was during her time in high school that she became interested in Marxism and read the Communist Manifesto. Her interest with Marxism and developing class consciousness led her to join the Black Panthers. It was not until the following year once she finished her graduate degree and applied and accepted a job with UCLA’s Philosophy Department that she would receive national attention.…show more content…
The Daily Bruin, a UCLA campus newspaper printed an article written by an uncover FBI agent declaring she was a Communist. When questioned by school officials she recognized being a Communist which led the UC Regents Board firing her based on a 30 year old university regulation that prohibited Communist on the faculty. As published in the Daily Bruin in 1996, they fear that Davis’s political beliefs would somehow brainwash UCLA students to become communists themselves. When she was fired a lawsuit was filed by a UCLA law professor against the regents on Davis’ behalf which ruled she has the right to teach at UCLA. She ended up leaving when her contract expired in
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