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Ku Klux Klan The Ku Klux Klan is a secret society based on hatred and violence. The Klan claims that it stands for only law-abiding rallies and activities, but the Klan has been known for having hypocritical views throughout it’s existence. No matter where the Klan is headed, violence is sure to be the destination. The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan claim that the Bible is on their side. They claim that the Bible condones their activity. Nowhere in the Bible is killing thy neighbor encouraged. They claim they are not out to destroy America, but rather to save it. How is it possible to save America with hate and violence? The Klan exists only to hold onto the beliefs of the Confederacy, but hanging on to the past only…show more content…
Also, a sentimental thought was present in adopting the color scheme, as white and red were the Confederate colors. Be it said to the credit of the women of the South who designed and made with their own hands more than four hundred thousand of these Klan robes for both horses and riders, not a word was said by these women to anyone about them and not one single secret concerning them was ever revealed. -page 8 of Ku Klux Klan, A Century of Infamy by William Pierce Randel This account was published in 1924. The six founders were unable to fill a complement of den officers. At first there was no Grand Scribe. The original den leader, Frank McCord was called Grand Cyclops; his chief lieutenant, known as Grand Magi, was Captain Kennedy. James Crowe was chosen Grand Turk, a kind of marshal or master of ceremonies. Calvin Jones and Captain Lester were Night Hawks, or couriers, and Richard Reed was the first Lictor or outer guard. New titles were created for the next few members to join. After these positions were filled, the new members were to be called Ghouls. The name of this secret organization was one of the first things that was discussed. They wanted a name that was original and one that would send a tingle down the spine of their victims. The title came from a Greek word kuklos which means a band or circle. James Crowe suggested that the word be split in two and

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