Ku Klux Klan Essay

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The Ku Klux Klan

     In the southern states of the USA, the period known as “Reconstruction” created a pressure and fear and hate for the African Americans among many of the southern white people. This was because the African Americans were now free people and had the same rights as the white people. This angered many white people and they created groups to support their beliefs and to allow people with the same ideas to gather together and share their ideas. This is how the Ku Klux Klan came into existence.
     The Ku Klux Klan began in Pulaski, Tennessee on December 24, 1865. Six men devised the earliest version of the Klan. These men were all ex-confederate soldiers. They were
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So the members of the Klan decided to have national convention to help organize and maintain order in the group. At this convention all of the Grand Cyclopes met to set up guidelines for all the groups and they even created their own constitution. Then they decided to appoint a Grand Wizard to be in control of all the dens of the Klan across the United States. Their choice for the position was Nathan Bedford Forrest. He was and ex-confederate general. With General Forrest as their leader they became more powerful than ever before. They became much more extreme and started killing people. The Black Americans in the southern states were usually the victims. In Georgia alone there were 43 shootings, five stabbings, fifty-five beatings and eight whippings. The African Americans became so terrified of the Klan that they were forced to sleep in the woods for safety. But eventually the Klan became so violent that martial law and congressional investigations dismantled it. But it had already accomplished one of its main goals to leave the Blacks with no power and the southern aristocrats and plantation owners’ back into power.
      The Klan officially came back in 1915. It was now know as the Invisible Empire of the KKK. This was the second era of the Klan, which reigned from 1915 to 1925. The cause of the rebirth was the fourteen million immigrants that came to America over the past fifteen years and the

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