Kudler Fine Foods Adding on a Catering Service

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Kudler Fine Foods adding on a catering service MBA 502 University of Phoenix Online Kudler Fine Foods adding on a catering service Kudler Fine Foods is looking to expand into the catering business. This expansion will take some resources to get this part of the business. The company needs to assess its current position in the market to be able to support the stress on the business as they develop their service. How will they need to understand their marketing mix of product, place, price and promotion? Will the new service of catering need to provide an adequate pricing structure so that it will be able to compete in the market without putting a financial drain on the whole company? The company will also need to market…show more content…
The products need to be inline with the company 's mission statement of providing customers aspiring to purchase the finest epicurean delights (Kudler Fine Foods, 2006). The foods need to be of a gourmet quality in order to reflect the stores. The goal is to help the customer discover that the fine foods will more than satisfy their desire to be filled but tantalize their taste buds with the extraordinary experience. The location of the catering business should be central to customers who they are serving. The location also needs to be inline with the regulatory agencies for food safety compliance. I would start with the Del Mar location because it is central to the stores. The Del Mar store is also near the freeway for easy access to receive products also to send the catered product to many locations. If needed, the other stores could be used as staging areas to keep the food safe and fresh, cold foods cold and hot foods hot (Dusold, 2007). The price should be slightly higher than the average catering service. The higher price will enable the company to employ high quality chefs that can prepare the succulent morsels to satisfy their customers. The company 's prices should not be too high but should be affordable for the mid to high budgets. Promoting the new service is a must for the success of this program. There are many options available. A successful start

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