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Marketing Kudler Fine Foods Angela Bush MKT/421 February 19, 2012 Judith C. Allen Marketing Kudler Fine Foods Kudler fine foods is a store that markets fine foods but needs to bring some focus toward expanding their goods to the public. Improving their business operations will increase store efficiencies and the demand of its customers at a higher volume of purchases. The growth of this organization is significant and growth will coincide with strategic marketing that will expand Kudler Fine foods locally and internationally. Kudler’s current marketing strategy and tactics have limited the company from targeting the right group of areas of consumers to promote goods too. Examining demographics and consumer behaviors…show more content…
Kudler needs additional market research in the control, monitoring, feedback to evaluate the plan. The marketing strategy will prove success if the company finds new ways for consumers to think of Kudler first when it comes to gourmet and fine foods. Kudler’s products have to stand apart from its competitors to appeal to people. The right price, placement and promotions for the gourmet grocery store will give the stores an advantage over its competition. Kudler’s competitive environment Kudler’s Fine Foods has competitors, such as Corti Brothers, Whole Foods, and other major grocery store chains that have loyal consumer bases. Each company has dealing in the grocery store industry, but target different markets. Chains like Walmart Supercenters or Winn-Dixie have different goods and service made available to new consumers, which have taken over the grocery store market. For example, organic goods, buyer programs and slashed prices are offered at these stores causing consumers to flock to locations. Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s among others, offer natural and organic foods and varieties of produce, which is in direct competition with Kudler’s (Whole Foods, 2009). Kudler’s products can match the quality standards of its competitors. Kudler’s Fine Foods does not appear to offer deli services, vitamins and supplements, or other typical grocery store items found in competitor stores. Depending on the results of Kudler’s

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