Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program

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* * * * * * * * Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program * Heath Arsenault, Learia Cox, Katelynn Barkley, Joseph Austin * University of Phoenix * Fundamentals of Business Development * BSA/375 * Dr. Mark Revels * April 25, 2011

* Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program
The design team from Team A devised this business proposal as a response to the Service Request: SR-kf-013. This proposal includes the business goals, scope, requirements, feasibility, and information flow involved in the Shopper Rewards Program of Kudler Fine Foods (Kudler Fine Foods, Inc., 2008). Moreover, the budget, timeline, trainings, implementation and support for the said program were also
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There are three types of analysis that have been used in determining project feasibility which are operational, technical, and economic. All three are important in determining this. Operationally, this program should integrate into the existing workflow without having to worry about any significant problems to the operations. With the new system it would only require a small amount of user training so therefore computer competency isn’t an issue what so ever and there will be no loss of control by the employees or the management. A good thing about the change would be that it will be a better level of customer interaction which would make a better result in sales. Another plus would be that the addition of this program would have hardly any impact on the capabilities that are already existing. I believe that if they go through all the risks involved in developing the system and they are all identified than no problems should occur in making a successful program. Kudler utilizes a POS server which is good for the database of the program and if they develop it as an enhancement of it than it will be easily integrated with its existing key components. Economic feasibility will be determined by performing a cost and benefit analysis. This will help the project team to determine whether the program will be beneficial or nothing but a money pit to the company.

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