Kudler Fine Foods: Marketing Objectives and Strategy

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In the California market, where there is a strong interest in where food comes from, and a food tradition of natural, healthy, organic produce and wine, the health and taste benefits of German wines must be conveyed. The sustainable nature of the production of both Kudler's wines and cheeses should be stressed.
California is famously dominated by several types of varietals, specifically Merlots and Pinot Noirs. German wines are something 'different,' and the unique qualities of those wines (sweeter, lighter, cold country wines) must be emphasized.
In Germany, where there is already a strong tradition of wine productions, once again, the 'value added' of using Californian wines must be an integral part of the marketing campaign, namely the additional taste benefits of the American wines.
Cheeses are often paired with wine, so marketing both the new cheeses and wines together could enable German and Californian consumers to be more apt to break out of their 'comfort zones' regarding…
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