Kudler Fine Foods: Networking

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KUDLER FINE FOODS: NETWORKING Kudler Fine Foods understands that incorporation of technology is important for smooth operations. For this reason, the company has a wide network of computers that provide both intranet and internet facilities. With intranet, the employees are able to gain access to company-maintained databases which contain information for variety of things right from inventory to customers and beyond. The data warehouse contains all the information that both the chain managers as well personnel can access. This information helps them see which products are selling, how much, where more important points of sales are, which are needed in inventory and which items needs to be checked for quality etc. Similarly these databases also contain solid information about consumers such as what is the ratio of repeat customers, what age group needs to be targeted for advertising, which new group is emerging and how to stay in touch with consumers about new products and sales. That is not all. Each Kudler store is equipped with its own standalone network that keeps its own record of inventory and ordering. The three stores are currently equipped with network that works as standalone units but needs exists to bring them all together in a centralized manner so inventory records can be streamlined and more cost effective measures can be adopted. The company is also planning to invest in and ERP system which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning system. This would

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