Kudler Fine Foods: Overview of Management

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Kudler Fine Foods is an up scaled epicurean gourmet food shop that was founded in 1998 by Kathy Kudler. Kathy Kudler has opened three stores her first store opened in La Jolla in1998, her second store opened in Del mar in 2000, and the third store in Encinitas in 2003. Kudler Fine Foods uses the internet and intranet to keep up important records for their employees and customers. Allowing their management to follow through as needed on its employees and keep accurate data. The intranet allows the management team accessibility to forward information the company 's main internet source. The primary functions of the management process consist of planning and strategizing, organizing, leading and controlling. The planning process helps…show more content…
This person must be proficient in the point of sales system that is being used. The purchasing assistant compiles information and prepares orders which are directed by the purchasing manager. This person must have strong administrative and math skills. The purchasing manager and assistant along with the inventory clerk is a controlling function with management.
Kudler Fine Food provides its customers with information pertaining to their company via their internet site. The hours of operation and locations are posted. A short summary of how the company was established and became a reality is available on their home page. Listed on the web site is also a selection of the very best foods and wines available.
The management team of Kudler fine Foods uses the intranet to keep demographic data on each of its customers. They can access their names, addresses and important data for special mailings. The inventory is managed and the availability of ingredients can be determined. The items from a store can be obtained from what has been purchased. An order table can be used to record pertinent information. The order line can be seen to show the description, quantity and price. The store table is used to retain data for each store. The supplies table contains data information from tax table is used to provide accurate taxes. The tender table is used to provide a record of payment for an order.
The management team is able to keep personal
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