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Issues with Kudler Fine Foods MTG 521 2010 Issues with Kudler Fine Foods People often think issues are problems. Issues are actually the proposal to solve problems. The first step in problem-solving is the definition of the problem or the root of what it is that causes the issue at hand. Problems should be a negative expression; whereas issues should be positive expressions. “Decision making occurs as a reaction to a problem” (Robbins & Judge, 2007). That means there is a negative situation, which needs a plan to turn the situation into a positive status. An issue is a concern or problem in which people disagree (Clouse, 2008). Once an individual has established the issue and noted that the claim is debatable; then the…show more content…
This location has a high economic demographic. Is this small town large enough to produce viable revenue for the gourmet market? A new location, located in Carlsbad, will be replacing the Del Mar location to grow profitability. The Carlsbad population is much larger and has a high volume of summer tourists that frequent the new area for the future market. Small management teams often hold numerous responsibilities. How can the gourmet market run the operation more efficiently with more management? A larger management team allows for more time available to market the establishment with guests internally and externally. A new tracking system can be established for inventory and purchasing. This operational change will bring more opportunities for future expansion and internal growth. Kudler Fine Foods has several issues that can be analyzed and broken down regarding how the problem started. From finding the root of the problem, the gourmet market now has several issues to debate. The issues, with clearly stated situations above, can be directed into positive goals with a problem-solving approach for each. These goals are all attainable to move the company forward in a positive tier for financial success. References: University of Phoenix. (2010). Retrieved April 15, 2010, from University of Phoenix, MGT/521—Management Course Website:

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