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Kudler Fine Foods ECO 365 August 19, 2013 Christopher Rakovalis Kudler Fine Foods Kudler Fine Foods evaluation and examination of the market trends in the industry in which operates presentation takes special interest in this paper. How market trends play a role in the market structure, effect of new companies entering the market, prices, and technology, productivity, cost structure, price elasticity of demand, competitors, supply, and demand analysis, and effect of government regulations will show in following parts of this presentation. Market Structure To apply analysis of market trends and market structure of Kudler Fine Foods it is important to understand meaning of the…show more content…
If new software is needed they do not have to install it on each computer. Once installed on the cloud each computer on the network will have the software. In addition, maintenance cost is lower because software does not need managing on each computer. From a project perspective, new system integration is quickly because the development work occurs only at cloud’s central location. With a system like this Kudler can keep its prices lower by reducing the cost of their technology platform. Kudler Fine Foods has embraced technology like social networking for promotions and coupons mobile applications for quick order on the go. Productivity Kudler Fine Foods demonstrates compassion for the environment and its surrounding community. The company engages in the area food bank through contribution of its “day-old perishables” to the less fortunate. Kudler Fine Foods is an advocate of nonprofit groups and a supporter of local events. Kudler Fine Foods’ actively supports the art of “organic farming” because natural grown fruits and vegetables help in the protection of the environment. Kudler Fine Foods maintains its commitment toward continuing excellent relationships between its suppliers. The Kudler Company has meetings with each of its suppliers periodically to ensure the working relationship remains valuable toward both parties. Finally, Kudler

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