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Kudler Fine Foods Kudler Fine Foods is a chain of specialty food stores that provide the finest food and wines to the general public. There are three locations of Kudler Fine Foods: 1. La Jolla 2. Del Mar 3. Encinitas Kudler’s Key Business and Accounting Information Needs General Ledger * Financial reporting, multiple year reporting * Budgets and Budget Reporting detailed to the department store level * Chart of Accounts * Head Count Accounts Payable * Check Printing * Multiple Bank Accounts * Tax and Freight allocations * International Addresses * Cash Purchases Accounts Receivable * On Cash and Carry Basis * Via POS Register Sales are provided on a daily basis-vital report…show more content…
Kudler Fine Foods should upgrade to a system that has bar-coding and is linked to inventory. This system would be beneficial for any business in stocking food, clothes or any other inventory item. The barcodes on each item will keep your inventory records, starting from the point they are received into inventory and the moment they are purchased. With the bar-coding there is a set price for each item and will be automatically linked to the software used by Finance and Accounting. This system could get rid of the excel sheet tracker for inventory and can get rid of any potential transpost errors made by manually entering inventory. Major grocery stores are equipped with systems such as bar-coding and inventory control. Kudler Fine Food has issues with the system to cut large value checks for cash on delivery suppliers, prior to receiving proper backup. The system can be upgraded to have an option that allows having terms of Cash upon delivery, thus making issuing checks more comfortable and accountable. Kudler Fine Food should have written procedures and policies for everything, starting from work procedures to locking up the store. Kudler Fine Food does not have a written policy security of Finance and Accounting Systems, but it is recommended to written document. There should be a document of security features embedded by the software provider, including names of people with limited access and dollar limits. In addition, passwords

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