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Kudler Fine Foods – Marketing Research LaToya Grant MKT 421 Bryan Rice January 26, 2012 Kathy Kudler discovered a way to cope with the stress in her life by preparing gourmet meals and shopping for gourmet items. With no upscale gourmet food stores in her area she decided to open her own. She left her very successful day job and started a chain of Kudler Fine Food Stores. Kudler Fine Foods is an upscale store with three locations in the San Diego area, each in high-end shopping centers. The stores offer a fine selection of baked goods, pastries, fresh produce, meats, seafood, packaged goods, cheeses, and other specialty items. All items are made to order and baked goods and pastries are prepared on site. They offer over a…show more content…
Times are changing and stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are becoming more popular. People are looking for healthier options and Kudler is not focused on that area. “Our customers are focused on the cooking and dining experience rather than the health conscious lifestyle” (Strategic Plan, 2003). There should be some diversity at Kudler without losing the focus that has made them successful. Assuming that stores are more focused on the types of food they carry rather than the gourmet experience is also a mistake. As a food retail business, the store should cater to a variety of tastes, so that it does offer that great cooking and dining experience for everyone. Strategy and Tactics Kudler is launching a few initiatives to help increase revenue and reduce costs. Expanding their services to offer in store parties is a great idea. Parties are good business because it allows people to visit the store and sample the items in stock. Allowing customers to mingle with the chefs and staff improves customer relations and is also a great networking opportunity for the store. The downside to this is that the store will have to be closed to have the function. An area should be designated for events like this so that it does not take away from business. Another great idea to coincide with this type of event is to offer baskets that include some of the stores best products. Adding a link on the

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