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Marketing Research

Kudler Fine Foods is a specialty store founded in San Diego. Though nested in the neopolitan area they have additional store locations in Del Mar, La Jolla and Encinitas. Kudler has some of the best imported and domestic food, wine, and spirits. Their selection is comprised of fresh produce, bakery and pastries, condiments and packaged foods, fresh food and meat, and specialty dairy products and cheeses. Kudler’s mission is basically to provide the customers with the finest foods, wine, spirits and the best shopping experience all while buyimg the finest epicurean delights. Throughout this paper the importance of marketing research in the development of Kudler Fine Foods marketing strategy and tactics will be
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This will help to ensure how successful they will be and give them a market plan when it comes to what type of products and services they will offer at each new location. Researching customers in all the projected new locations will give them an idea of what they will have in each store according to the areas shoppers like and dislike and how willing they are to try something new. Though Kudler researched and found the most helpful, experienced and knowledgeable workers that will provide all their customers with the very best shopping experience, they still need to market research to compete with other upscale specialty foor stores. They have to market themselves even more now because there is a demand for their stores. A company can not just have a couple stores with demands from customers of more of what they supply. They have to expand the company. Mor market research has to be performed to know where new Kudler stores can be placed. The four locations they have now are not enough. The company needs to branch out and show the world what they are missing. The finest foods, wines, and spirits are all products Kudler have to offer to the world. They need to research upscale areas all over the world and set up trial locations to do group tests. This will give them feedback if they like their products and services they offer like the classes and wine steward assistance. They will be able to pinpoint the areas they want to set up test stores and see if they
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