Kudler Fine Foods Photography Analysis Essay

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Kudler Fine Foods Photography Analysis
VCT 236
September 15, 2013

In order for Kudler Fine Foods to continue being successful, our technology should be constantly updated to keep up with our competitors and stay in line with upgrades. The company must modernize the ways in which consumers identify and differentiate with the Kudler Fine Foods brand. Investing and developing a strong marketing plan using impeccable photography will help increase our retail, online, and direct marketing sales (MindFireInc, 2013). To capitalize on our marketing efforts it is imperative to analyze both the advantages and disadvantages of creating an in-house photography infrastructure versus outsourcing the
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Out-sourcing instead of in-house has more than just legal issues you could run into unwanted results. The legal issues that you may encounter when out-sourcing your photographic needs maybe weak performance, what you pay for may not be what you get. Costs may be misquoted also known as hidden costs and fees. There is definitely a downside of photography done in-house. Employees should have training in use of the specialize equipment needed to produce quality pictures. The budget has to support the cost of hiring a professional as well as purchasing the equipment needed to complete the assignment. Coordinating schedules with the photographer can cause scheduling conflicts and delays in initiating the project.
Equipment and Cost
In-house product photography will provide Kudler Fine Foods with the ability to capture, edit, and format project images using internal resources, equipment, and systems. There are several factors to consider when establishing an in-house photography department. Because our marketing initiative is an ongoing project it will require many product images thus justifying such a lengthy and costly investment (Weilmeier, 2012). We must analyze as well as identify the resources required to develop, finance, implement, and maintain an in-house photography system.
Develop a financial plan to feasibly meet our budget constraints (KMAONE, 2013). In order to maintain an in-house

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