Kudler Fine Foods Service Request

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Service Request
Kudler Fine Foods (KFF), a virtual organization from the University of Phoenix (2008), is interested in developing and deploying a customer tracking system through a Kudler Frequent Shopper Program (KFSP) that would provide KFF data on shopping habits of cliental and in return provides customers with high-end incentives for shopping. The project will require the determination of requirements from KFF and their client base and a system analysis. This paper follows a systems analysis process by exploring business objectives and models, current and proposed system analysis, project constraints, functional requirements, cost benefit analysis, and design requirements with the assumed delivery being to an executive management
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The measurement for success could exist by cross checking the number of attendees at promoted events with events from pre KFSP data.
Lastly, to gauge program success, KFF could also implement a suggestion program where the company takes information from customer transactions and based from that data make suggestions of like or similar foods that may appeal to that same customer. The store could use the “suggestion series” foods as a way to gauge program success by tracking the sales of the suggested foods with pre and post level timetables and inventory levels.
Project Feasibility
The feasibility analysis looks at the specific operational, technical, and economic feasibility of KFSP program. KFF expects this program, designed to track frequent shopper purchase trends and reward frequent shoppers, to increase KFF projected revenue by 4.75% according to the KFF 2007 sales plan. With net sales of $10796200, this would equal out to $512819.5 (University of Phoenix, 2008). This projected increase in revenue almost equals the net income for KFF. No information exists on startup costs for the program.
There should be minimal cost associated with hardware as most rewards programs in place use barcode or magnetic strip cards and readers. All the registers already have the necessary hardware. Software will be a small cost as well as training for the information technology (IT) staff to run the software on KFF’s
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