Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization Essay

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Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization Kudler Fine Foods is an upscale specialty food store touting the very best domestic and imported products in the San Diego metropolitan area. To understand the success of the organization this paper will show the primary functions of management and who is responsible for each function at Kudler. In this paper the subject to describe is how Kudler’s management uses the Internet and technology in daily processes for greater success. Finally, the paper will cite an example from Kudler of each of the five forces from Porter’s model. According to Gomez-Mejia and Balkin (2002) the four management functions are planning and strategizing, organizing, leading/controlling, and decision making. Senior…show more content…
This group executes the majority of the four management functions of planning and strategizing, organizing, leading/controlling, and decision-making each day. Kudler’s use of technology and the Internet are evident in several of its processes. The daily operation of the business uses technology in the form of purchasing, accounting, and inventory management between the three stores. Technology is used in forecasting, and according to Kudler Fine Foods (2009), “Kathy and her department managers utilize historical data on which items and what quantities were sold in the last 2-3 years, especially on holidays” (Supply Chain Overview, para. 9). When determining merchandise selection and pricing Kathy monitors what her competitors are offering by utilizing the Internet and following other websites to keep the store current and relevant. According to the 2003 strategic plan the three stores are using data collected through the registers on consumer purchases to project better purchasing processes. Finally, the company is working on a new website that will offer its products to the consumer as well as start marketing the catering business online. According to the Kudler Fine Foods (2009) website, “we will start with a basic site and add e-commerce capabilities as
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