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Kudler has created many opportunities while making change to the current way the company uses technology. Information technologies can revolutionize how organizations do business. Two aspects of such a revolution consist of: strategic information systems, and systems that support or provide for business reorganization. The first part of the chapter deals with strategic information systems, which are primarily used to seize the opportunities created by technological innovations and changing market conditions. Such systems are also used to increase competitiveness and effectiveness by solving organizational problems and by smoothing operations. The second part deals with the need for organizations to fundamentally change how they are doing…show more content…
Such information provides strategic advantage: If a company knows something important before its competitors, or if it can make the correct interpretation of information before its competitors, then it can introduce changes first and benefit from them. Assessing is the evaluation of environmental data received to accurately specify the implications for the organization. Without an accurate assessment of consequences, the firm can make major blunders. For instance, when the cost of resin, a key raw material, increased, Rubbermaid thought that its well-recognized brand name and strong market presence would allow it to pass the increased costs on to customers. To the company’s surprise, relatively unknown competitors such as Sterilite did not increase prices and moved in quickly to take away some of Rubbermaid’s market share. Wal-Mart, which accounted for more than 15 percent of Rubbermaid’s total household product sales, deleted Rubbermaid from its promotional materials and replaced it with Sterilite. In Kudler’s case, they would have to look at the produce, organic foods, and what Kudler’s competitors are doing to reel in customers and compete with that. To show they can do the same but better. By keeping focus on the key skills for strategic management Kudler Fine Foods has be able to change the way the company does business. One major skill is environmental assessment and scanning skills. This is a skill that

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