Kudler Wine and Cheese in Germany: Market Analysis

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Kudler Wine and Cheese in Germany Introduction With a wide array of high quality wine and cheese products, Kudler Fine Foods provides an excellent assortment of goods for international sale, especially in countries with a fair amount of discretionary spending when it comes to food budgets (Apollo Group, Inc., 2011). Bringing these products to Germany, the world's fourth largest economy and home to a sizeable middle- and upper-class, makes a great deal of fiscal and marketing sense (Export.gov, 2011). The following paragraphs detail the company's plan for rolling out these exported products for retail sale in Germany. Market Sustainability As noted above, the German economy is quite substantial and highly productive, on an absolute as well as a per-capita basis (Export.gov, 2011). This suggests that the market for wine and cheese products, which are fairly common and essentially staples to many German diets, should be quite sustainable (Bouckley, 2011; Perini, 2010). The strong economy combined with the strong demand for these products means a sizeable and lasting market is in existence, and though Germany produces both cheese and wine the markets are not especially consolidated or saturated (Perini, 2010; Bouckley, 2011). All of these are good for this endeavor. Pricing Strategies Current research suggests that specialty retailers are seen as more desirable to German consumers and are also more profitable than traditional retailers that are less focused in

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