Kudler's Strategy Essay

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Kudler’s Strategy Kudler Fine Foods is in a position to use its information technology, marketing strategies, and sales plans to create a prominent place in their niche market. Focusing on internal and external environments will help Kudler formulate a successful plan for the future and prepare for the changes that occur in such a diverse platform of partnerships, contracts, suppliers, and customers. Having a sales plan in place shows forward thinking of the management team. Planning is the most important part of being a successful enterprise and now that Kudler has three stores they are in a position to evaluate where they are and develop their future. The grocery business has changed dramatically in the past decade, as have consumers’…show more content…
Using Internet tools, Kudler can implement specific search strategies to gather competitive intelligence easily, quickly, and relatively inexpensively. Reviewing their competitor’s web sites Kudler can discover information about new products, alliances, trends, and advertising strategies. Using Porter’s competitive forces model Kudler can analyze the competition. Ways Kudler could respond to the strategy of competition is to use the cost leadership strategy with low prices, differentiation strategy by being unique in the industry, and focus strategy by selecting a narrow-scope segment and using a cost leadership or differentiation strategy in their niche market (Turban, 2003). “Price is not the primary differentiating factor for Kudler consumers; these consumers are focused on quality and finding specialized items” (Kudler, 2007). Instead of providing discounts to the customers for their frequent purchases, Kudler decided to collaborate with a loyalty points program to provide customers with points. These points can be redeemed for high-end gift items, airline first-class upgrades, or other specialty foods (Kudler, 2007). Other strategies include growth strategy – increasing the market share, alliances strategy – working with business partners, innovation strategy – developing new products and services, internal efficiency strategy – improving business processes, and customer-oriented strategy – concentrating on making
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