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Kudl Kudler Wines Product Launch Plan MKT 571 Kudler Wines Product Launch Plan Developing strategies in relation to any application of marketing suggest a marketer’s ability to comprehend and align business practices with the need of the consumer and business simultaneously. Strategies present challenges whether domestic or international markets are the emphasis. The ability to set customary prices, have market presence, encouraging advertisements and publicity, understand the competition, develop accurate communication, a complete SWOT analysis including domestic and international markets, and customizing the target market, present boundless opportunity that consumers appreciate and market recognition. At each stage of…show more content…
There are two grades of Barolo: * Standard Barolo, aged two years in the barrel, one in the bottle. * Riserva Barolo, aged three years in the barrel, one in the bottle. “Barolo wines are typically a deep red. Their flavor is thick and complex. Some are flowery - violets, roses. Others are fruit, licorice, or oaky. Barolo should be drunk at 60F and can age for 5-10 years.” (Shea, 2011). “Fior D'Arancio, as it's known in Italy, is also known as muscat fleur d'Oranger and Orange Muscat in other parts of the world. It has citrus and honey flavors. It's a fairly rare grape. In “California it is often used for fortified, thick dessert wines. In Italy it can create a delicious sparkling wine that is on the sweet side. This pairs well with fresh fruit, cheesecakes, and other light fruity desserts.” (Shea, 2011). France “Alsace is in the northeastern section of France, up against the German border. It is separated from the rest of France by the Vosges Mountains. Because of its location, Alsacian wines have many German traits. One of the similarities is in the way the wines are named. Alcase is one of the only French areas to name their wines after the grape used, for example Gewurztraminer or Riesling, instead of by a region.” (Shea, 2011). “Indeed, the main wines of Alsace are ones often found in German wineries - Gewurztraminer,

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